Frequently asked questions

What types of vehicles are typically stored in the vault?

We store and maintain almost any automobile, truck and motorcycles. From American muscle cars to European exotics, all are welcome here! 

Privacy is important to me, are there protocols in place to protect my anonymity? 

Discretion and privacy are top priority inside of the vault. Many of our clientele are as world renowned as the cars we store and concierge. 

Besides auto storage, what other services does the vault provide? 

Along with long and short term storage, Auto Vault offers outstanding customer service to each customer's needs. We have a car wash and detailing service available. In addition, we also offer: 
Service & Maintenance 
Gas Fill 
Cover & Tender 
DMV Registration 
Window Tinting 
Tire Pressure Check 
Battery Service 
And much, much more!

How long can I relax at your lounge? 

Whether you’re dropping off to shop on Rodeo OR picking up your after many months away, our pit stop is always open to lube up your internal engine! Walk on to our red carpet and enjoy hospitality by a pit crew member as you take in our world-class art and stylish “pit stop”. 

Contact us using the button below and let us know how we can help you.



How is my vehicle(s) secured in the vault?

Auto Vault storage is the smartest and safest way to assure that your luxury automobile is protected and pampered. Auto-Vault’s state of the art facility comes with 24 hour surveillance cameras complete with security guard in a temperature controlled environment. 

How accessible is the vault? 

All vehicles are easily accessible during our normal business hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Give us a call and we’ll have your vehicle ready to roll on Rodeo Drive in a jiffy. 

If you need your vehicle outside of normal business hours, special arrangements can be made to access the vault. 

The Vault is a “membership” organization? Are there opportunities to network with other members?  

An invaluable benefit of being an auto vault safety deposit slot owner is the other high-end vehicle owners you’ll mingle with at all of our Rallies.. From unparalleled access to our VIP “Pit Crew” Lounge at the Concourse D’ Elegance, to offsite events in and around Beverly Hills, you’ll love the company you’ll meet from your membership.