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Our relationship with the vehicles within our care is so personal to us because it means everything to you! We specialize in the professional housing , maintenance and restoration of the greatest vehicles on the planet! Whether it be a cherished family heirloom, new exotic ride,  our your trusted day tripper, our team is prepared to deliver exceptional service for you. 

 Auto Vault offers a wide range of storage options each one just as unique as the last. Inquire today to discuss how our team can  help bring your vehicle the storage and experienced maintenance it deserves. 

Service & maintenance

Auto Vault Storage stores some the greatest vehicles on the planet. However, these icons  of innovation cannot excel without proper service and maintenance. Our on-site staff is available to cater to any need,  large or small,  to improve the overall value of your investment. We have done it all and we will continue to maintain that level of excellence! Custom needs are our specialty.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Which is why our car wash and detailing department is second to none! Your investment deserves more attention than just a place among the pack, it should shine too! We wash buff, polish, wax, vacuum and carry out any day to day care for your vehicle to ensure your vehicle is ready to look it's best at all times. 

Transport is one of the keystone services when considering luxury automotive management. Auto Vault Storage has been in the business longer than most companies and in that time we have learned a few tricks to the trade. Which is why vehicle pick up and drop off is one of our longstanding and most requested services which allows you to maintain your schedule while we handle the logistics. 

We provide various DMV services including Registration Renewal, Personalized plates, Title Transfers, VIN Verification, File for Planned Non-operation, and Smog Certifications 

Additional services we provide include Car Wrap Application, Window Tinting, Dent Removal, Battery Maintenance & Repair.  

*More services available by request


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