Scot Prescott is the founder and CEO of Auto Vault Storage, Inc. In 1979, when Scot was just 17, he started a humble car detail company - Detail 301-in the San Fernando Valley. It was a natural offshoot of his childhood obsession with cars growing up in New Hampshire. Scott used to buy every periodical he could find about cars and even painted miniature Revell models exactly the way he wanted them.

Through hard work, unparalleled knowledge of luxury vehicles and an unwavering commitment to surpassing client expectations, he transformed his small detailing business into a thriving operation. After a few years, Scot moved the operation to Beverly Hills, where it evolved into its current iteration, as the world’s finest luxury automotive concierge. To this day, Scot is honored to be the guardian of his clients prized possessions and still gets excited when he sees them and their families as they leave the vault and drive up to Rodeo Drive. 


At Auto Vault we have a special place in our hearts for the furry friends that ride in the passenger seat. So, it's only right that we showcase our favorite four legged friends from the most exclusive events throughout the year. Be sure to check this section after each VIP event to see if your cuddly counterpart made a surprise appearance! 

Our Vision and Mission

To be the world’s leading luxury vehicle concierge service. As the guardians of the world's most sought after and important elite vehicles, we redefine what world class customer service and integrity can be inside and outside of the automobile industry. 


Through our state-of-the-art facility, elite concierge services, and highly trained staff, we provide outstanding customer service and storage for luxury vehicles: from sentimental American muscle cars to European exotics. As trusted guardians, we consistently provide peace of mind for our clients through our care and stewardship.