How Are My Cars Kept Secure?

Auto Vault storage is the smartest and safest way to assure that your auto is protected and pampered. We take every reasonable effort to ensure your vehicle is safe. Auto-Vault prides itself with the top of the line Security. We have 24 hour surveillance cameras and security guard present.

What Types of Cars Do You Store?

We can store most automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. All are welcome here!

What Other Services Do You Provide?

Our services stretch far beyond your local storage facility or garage. We are the crème_de_la_crème of Automobile storage and care. Upon arrival of your vehicle, Auto-Vault will assist the type of storage your vehicle may need depending on long term or short term storage.

Along with storage, Auto Vault offers outstanding customer service to each customers needs. We have a car wash and detailing service available. Auto-Vault can provide whatever you need to care for your luxury investment.

How Quick Are Your Detailing Services?

Every vehicle is different. Detailing services can be as little as 4 hours to all day. It depends on what type of detailing service your vehicle needs.

Can I Get My Car With Short Notice?

We appreciate that plans do change and we are flexible to meet your needs at Auto Vault. All we ask is for you to give us 24hrs notice so that we can prepare your vehicle in advance.

Where Do I Drop My Car For Storage

By appointment only. 440 N. Rodeo Drive., Level P3, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, 310-859-0703. Entrance is in the rear, turn inside the Giorgio Armani Building. See Locations for more information.

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