The Best Of The Best Auto Storage

Auto Vault is the elite concierge of fine automobiles and care. Auto Vault provides long and short term storage for exotics, classics, luxury, motorcycles, muscle and rare automobiles. Each storage includes: 24 hour surveillance, battery monitoring, start-up check, enclosed climate controlled facility.

Our soaring customer service satisfaction reflects the professionalism and dedication to the lifestyle of our car enthusiast. We would be honored to have you call and visit.

Additional services are logistic,  fuel-conditioning for long term storage and car wash/full detail. We have an exclusive clientele. AV prides itself on protecting their anonymity.

For Your Personal or Corporate Use

AV is the best of the best in the world for car storage concierge. AV offers over 35 years of business. We service, athletes, entertainment industry, business moguls, global business entity, Agents, County Agencies, Talent Agencies, BH City, Fire and Police Department. We offer climate-controlled and secured storage facility. We offer a 24-hour call in message center.

AV offers long-term and short term storage for all types of fine automobiles, motorcycles and trucks. We offer storage for local, national and global clientele. AV storage will protect your vehicle from outside weather, elements, vandalism and theft. We work exclusively with entertainers, elite corporations and fortune 500 businesses to protect our clients anonymity. Our automobiles are kept in a secure isolated location. AV has easy payment plans designed specifically for you. We can design and tailor exclusive storage group rates.


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